06 June 2020

The art of Vasily Selivanov is an expressive example of harmoniously developing creativity, in which traditions and modernity, national identity and open view of the world are intertwined.

It is important that the basis of the artist's works - a strong academic school, skill, which allows to set complex tasks and successfully implement them. It is remarkable that Selivanov is not afraid to experiment, paying great attention to new techniques and technologies, work with materials.

Sculptor, painter, graphic artist - the master expressively reveals himself in different types and genres of fine art.  The artist strives to fill the form with deep content, and his works to devote to serving the high ideals of Goodness, Love, Beauty! He sings universal values, dedicating his talent to the service of high ideals of humanism!

I especially want to note the pedagogical work of the artist - giving time and energy to the educational process, he passes the basics of mastery to the younger generation. In this, we would like to warmly support and welcome him - such efforts serve to preserve the traditions of the national school of fine arts!

I want to congratulate Vasily Selivanov on his success and wish him inspiration! Stay dissatisfied, look for, experiment, let creative excitement, the torments of search and the joy of accomplishments not leave you on the way!

        All the best!


                                                    Zurab Tsereteli


                      President of the Russian Academy of Arts

                      People's Artist of the USSR and Russia

                      UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador