24 November 2019

In January 2018, the Central House of Cinema hosted the premiere of a documentary film directed by Vladimir Parshikov about a dynasty of prominent Russian sculptors "The Selivanovs: We Are at Home".

A rich festival life awaited the film. It took part in the All-Russian and International film forums "Golden Knight", "Salt of the Earth", "Kunaki". And at the prestigious "KrymDok" it was named the winner in the category "Best Short Film". The festival journey of the painting in Moscow at the International Festival "Radiant Angel" in November this year ended. And from today the film "The Selivanovs: We're at Home" will be available for everyone to watch on the official channel of the fund for the preservation of cultural heritage "Russian Knight" and information and publicist agency "Context". This is an excellent opportunity, as the release of the film to a wide audience precedes without exaggeration a grandiose event for the whole country - the opening in December this year of the monument to Ivan the Terrible in the city of Alexandrov by Vasily Selivanov. Particular attention is paid to the work on the sculpture of the Tsar in Parshikov's painting.

Source:  "Русский Витязь"