04 November 2014



The name of this great and glorious Russian prince, the warrior and protector of the Russian world is unfairly ousted from our memory, but many remember a name of this great Russian and honor his feats and his invaluable, system-forming contribution to formation of Russian statehood.

A lot of words are written about him, his destiny is striking the imagination. The hero of Russia who has become an embodiment of honor and a victory, the sample of military valor and courage for many generations of descendants.

It was him who was a fearless protector of the Russian world and defended the right of the Russian people to statehood. It Under him the Russian land has been increased from the Volga region to Northern Caucasus from Caspian Sea to Black Sea from the Balkan mountains to Byzantium. It was him who had released Russia from the Khazarian yoke, having destroyed the parasitic Khazarian Kaganate and having strengthened the union of Slavic tribes. His Russian chronicals  describe brave pardus, and his impertinent campaigns and military victories are praised. There he appears as the knight, fearless in fight, tireless in campaigns, honest even with enemies, true to the word, the great governor and the state strategist.

Svetoslav. The name, embodied in the Banner, under which the patriotic forces of the Slavs stand. The Banner, which makes us proud of our origins. The Banner of Victory.

The monument should serve as a symbol of unity of the peoples of Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia. Glorifying the legendary Prince Svetoslav, we, above all, pay tribute to Russia. As long as Russia is alive, its heritage, strategy and prospects for a glorious future will be relevant. The tasks of the "Russian Knight" and "Svetoslav" funds are to provide comprehensive assistance to preserve and reveal the greatness of our people's culture, its history and rich traditions.

The images of great Russian heroes, such as Svetoslav, passing through the centuries remain an example of fortitude, fearlessness, nobility, strength, love and devotion to the Motherland. It is they who are capable of becoming a reliable lighthouse for the new generations of our compatriots, in a world where it becomes more and more difficult to distinguish good from evil, truth from lies, culture from fashion.

And as our great ancestor Svetoslav once said, in the face of the threat of death from the superior forces of the enemy: "So let's not shame the Russian land, but let's lie here with bones, for the dead does not have shame". So and today, on a new coil of a history, only by selfless service and full giving of forces and energy we can together revive our Motherland and give it the glorious future!

Photo: Vladimir Kuryshev