24 May 2013

In the year of the 400th anniversary of the heroic deed of Nizhny Novgorod militia, which defended the independence of the Russian state, in our city on July 27th the bust to the national hero Kozma Minin was solemnly opened.

Colorful figure of Kozma Minin, at the initiative of which was collected and organized the Nizhny Novgorod militia, which liberated Moscow during the turmoil of 1612 from the foreigners and preserved the Russian statehood, took its rightful place in the history of our Motherland. Historical connection connects his name with the village of Bogorodskoye. For services to the Motherland Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich granted the village of Bogorodskoye with nine villages as a reward to Kozma Minina.

By decision of the deputies of the Zemsky Assembly of the Bogorodsky district it was decided to erect a memorial monument "Bust to Kozma Minin" in the central square of the city in 2012. This decision to erect the monument was thought over and justified by the district administration for more than one year.

The bust was created by a sculptor, honored artist of Russia Selivanov Vasily Nikolaevich (Moscow).

The solemn opening of the bust was attended by the Deputy Governor, Deputy Prime Minister of Nizhny Novgorod region S. A. Potapov, the leadership of our city and district, headed by the head of local government Bogorodsky municipal district K.V. Purikhov, sculptor V.N. Selivanov and artist L.R. Bogdanov, residents and guests of the city.

The teacher of history and social science of school No. 1 V. N. Aleshutina spoke about K.Minin's feat and his place in the history of Russia and the land of Bogorodskaya during the meeting. Local poet I. F. Lomalov read a new poem dedicated to Kozma Minin.

Father John, a dean of Bogoroskiy district, performed the rite of consecration of a bust, at the foot of which a garland and baskets of flowers were placed. "A great citizen of Rus, a worthy son of the Motherland. 1612-2012" - now anyone who comes to the city square can read his inscription on the memorial plate.

 Source: "Богородский городской форум"