07 December 2019

From opal  he came back in triumph. From now the monument to Ivan the Terrible is one of the main attractions of the Aleksandrov embankment and the whole city. On the other side of the Grey River one can see the domes of the temples of the Alexander Kremlin. The opening ceremony is attended by both ordinary Alexandrovites and federal guests. Vladislav Kononov, Director of the Department of Museums of the Ministry of Culture emphasizes: it is a contribution to the preservation of historical memory. It is symbolic that the return took place in the jubilee year. The Federal Museum "Alexandrovskaya Sloboda" is celebrating its centenary.

Vladislav Kononov, Director of the Department of Museums of the Ministry of Culture:

-The order was set up on the quay, wonderful repair, the monument returned to its pedestal, I came here in summer and this pedestal looked very lonely, very unpredictable, wrong. And it's very right that this monument is coming back today...

John the Fourth is one of the most significant and controversial figures in Russian history. His reign is a succession of reforms and conquests. Despite contradictory assessments, the outstanding contribution of the sovereign to the development and greatness of the country is undeniable.

Maria Platanyuk:

-This monument to John the Fourth is the second monument in our country dedicated to the formidable sovereign. The first one was opened in Orel, in October 2016. And here, in the historic Alexandrovskaya Sloboda, where the first Russian Tsar actually ruled the country for 17 years, the history of its installation was not easy.

This is the same Ivan the Terrible, who in 2017 already looked at Alexandrov from a height... However, only a few hours. Then it was dismantled and sent to the capital. Where until recently he stood on the Alley of Governors, near the headquarters of the Russian Military Historical Society. The author of the monument, sculptor Vasily Selivanov, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, does not hide: happy. "Monumental history" was worth the nerves and forces. The figure of the first Russian tsar was cast in bronze especially for Alexandrov. The height of the monument is 2 meters and 80 centimeters. The same height of the pedestal.

Vasily Selivanov sculptor, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, author of the monument to Ivan the Terrible:

-The canonical image of the Tsar so that he does not resemble Boris Godunov, Nicholas II, Alexander III and so on. This symbol, this rod, this image of Tsar Ivan he reads both in sculpture and in the pedestal.

The financial project took place thanks to the "Russian Knight" fund for the preservation of cultural heritage, patrons of art and the "Revival" social movement. The monument was created with the help of donations. Russian writer Alexander Prokhanov also came to Alexandrov for the opening ceremony. He is sure that this "phenomenon is mysterious... ...and completely unconscious."

Alexander Prokhanova, a writer, publicist, public figure:

-Ivan the Terrible was not allowed into history, 400 years he was squeezed out. He was not honoured, he was painted with libel, terrible rebuke paintings, and 400 years later, you and I, people and friends, we broke through this hole. And they let us in to Ivan the Terrible, or rather Ivan the Terrible came out to us...

Greetings to Ivan the Terrible and residents of Alexandrov. They hope that the bronze figure will contribute to the tourist attraction of the "forgotten capital of Russia".

-We've been waiting for him for years, we should have waited earlier.

Public order at the ceremony was ensured by police. After all, Ivan the Terrible has not only admirers. But they say that before returning to Alexandrov, on the Alley of the Rulers, this monument was the one that aroused the greatest interest. And the attitude towards Ivan  (there was a queue lined up for him) was as respectful as possible. This is part of our past. Stories that can not be rewritten.

Source: Вести-Владимир

Photo: Vladimir Kuryshev