15 May 2012

On May 15, 2012 the bust of the remarkable Russian poet Shiryaevets -Abramov Alexander Vasilievich (02.04.1887 - 15.05.1924) was opened. The name of this poet is inseparably connected with the name of S.A. Esenin, who for many years was a friend of Alexander Vasilievich. Poems by Shiryaevets made a strong impression on S. Esenin.

Esenin, who wrote to Shiryaevets: "Excuse me for being frank, but I have loved you since the first poem I read... You are so fabulous and beautiful there in the distance". Shiryaevets, not yet being personally acquainted with Klyuyev, Esenin, Klychkov and P. Karpov, organically entered the "peasant forge", the spiritual leader of which was Klyuyev. In 1915-17 four books of the poet are published: "Bogatyr", "Chorus", "About music and love", "Scarlet poppies". By his correspondence acquaintance with Klyuyev, Esenin, and then Klychkov, Shiryaevets is firmly established on the paths of a new, coming from the most popular depths of poetry and firmly embedded in the circle of "peasant merchant". Even in his appearance, like all of them, first of all the peasant's (and by no means official) essence was performed; to his contemporaries he was remembered as a man's "stingy, thoughtful, broad-shouldered gentleman, a guy in a cartouche and huge yarn boots" (Fomin S. Shiryaevets and Esenin // Krasnaya Niva. 1926. № 22). Together with other new peasant poets, he is published in the same editions ("Monthly magazine", "Voice of Life", "Sovremennik", etc.), is part of the literary group "Krasa" and literary and artistic society "Strada".

With Esenin he was connected by love to the Motherland, native nature, warm friendly relations.

After the death of his beloved friend, S. Esenin repeatedly said: "If I die, bury me next to Shurka nice", which was performed. In 1925 he was buried near the grave of Shiryaevets.

Employees of the S. A. Esenin Branch Library № 173 maintain close relations with relatives of Sergey Alexandrovich who now live in Moscow. Having received the invitation to participate in the opening of the bust of the poet's best friend, the staff responded with understanding and sincere warmth and took part in the solemn event, which took place 88 years after the death of the poet - Shiryaevets-Abramov A. V. The opening ceremony was also attended by the staff of the Institute of World Literature, members of the society "Radunitsa", Esenologists, Father Andrey, a famous actor and admirer of S. A. Esenin's work - Sergey Nikonenko.

The authors and creators of the bust - the famous sculptors Selivanov N. A. and Selivanov V. N. soulfully embodied and conveyed the character and image of poet Shiryaevets-Abramov A. V.


Sergey Kunyaev about the monument to Alexander Shiryaevets


 S. Nikonenko reads a poem by S. Esenin


Source: "Centralized Library System South-West"