17 February 2012

During a month, from February 17 to March 17, 2012, at the Center for Continuing Education "Ugresha" in the city of Dzerzhinsky was held an exhibition of sculptors Nikolay and Vasily Selivanov. Nikolay Alexandrovich Selivanov - People's Artist of the Russian Federation, author of the famous series of portraits and compositions about the poet Sergei Yesenin and his entourage, portraits of academicians, scientists, creators of the nuclear fleet, sailors, war heroes, Chernobyl victims, writers and poets. His son - Vasily Nikolaevich Selivanov - member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a student of Ilya Glazunov, a teacher at a number of art universities in Moscow.

The works of sculptors father and son Selivanovs created many interesting works, only a small part of which was presented at the city exhibition. Often artists work together to create images. Their work - traditionally, high skill, very beneficial to the viewer. Among the presented works, the project of the monument to St. Pimen Ugreshsky and the bust of the saint created as part of this project are particularly worth mentioning. The work is distinguished by its amazing combination of portrait similarities and the transfer of the image of a good shepherd and a courageous monk. The viewer can see the inner appearance of the famous ascetic of the XIX century Moscow land with its inherent warmth and spiritual experience.

On March 16, 2012 the official closing of the exhibition took place, which was attended by the authors of works, organizers - teachers and students of the Center for Continuing Education "Ugresha", First Deputy Mayor N. P. Zhukov, representative of the Nikolo-Ugresha Monastery Hierodeacon Iov and guests of the exhibition.

The work of famous sculptors was appreciated by the Ugresh spectators, who left their warm impressions in the book of reviews. The book itself was solemnly presented to Nikolai Aleksandrovich Selivanov. Appreciating the importance of this exhibition, Hierodeacon Iov said: "I would like to express my hope that the artistic genius of Selivanovs will not leave the inhabitants of ancient Ugresh, creating in their minds a high idea of man, talented revealed in the works of Nikolay Aleksandrovich and Vasily Nikolayevich.

Special thanks to these artists should be expressed for revealing the image of Reverend Pimen. The work is beautifully done; of course, further development of this project is required, because there is no limit to perfection".

May God grant that artistic ideas of the Selivanovs would be maximally realized, that in our city there appeared a monument to a great man and spiritual mentor of the Ugresh land - Reverend Pimen, without whom, perhaps, there would be no such a wonderful and interesting history of our glorious city.

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Source: "Nikolo-Ugreshsky Monastery"